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  • Anthony Barry

8 Super Easy to Use Tech Solutions Making Marketers’ Lives Easier

LBB Online recently published a list of the best new and trusted tech helping marketers speed up production and lower costs in the next year, and beyond.

Their article, timed perfectly as ever, came after two years working remotely resulting in an explosion of cloud-based tech solutions for marketers and content creators.

They have highlighted some of the biggest names in software, right down to innovative new indies - like Remote Filming - us!

Remote Filming comes in at Number 4. After, Slack and before Zoom and Adstream One Social.

The article says that some of these new tech solutions arose from a necessity - driven by new ways of working, restricted travel and increased globalisation worldwide. Others are on a determined mission to reshape the way that we work for the better - be it making it more sustainable, more flexible or more cost-effective.

Remote Filming is very much in this category, not just significantly reducing the carbon footprint of film production, but making production so much easier, smoother and less expensive.

Thank you, LBB.

See the LBBOnline feature here.

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